About the Classes

Online English lessons for the young professional

Both online and in-person lessons are specially designed for your needs and interests. You’ll be speaking, writing, listening, and reading in English, and after each lesson, you’ll receive extensive feedback. I believe in the power of active learning, and so each lesson will serve as a rehearsal for your real-life needs. You’ll leave each lesson feeling ready to tackle another English challenge!

Here is what to expect for each class:

Before class:

You will receive your lesson before class so that you have the option to prepare and study. It might include videos to watch, vocabulary to study, articles to read, and writing to complete. All of this is so that we can maximize your lesson time.

During class:

During class, we will use what you learned at home and practice with it! Expect to speak, write, read, listen, and receive real-time feedback, all completely in English. You can expect to be tired after lessons, because you’ll be working hard using all you’re learning.

After class:

After every class, I will send you feedback with corrections, examples, and ideas for new learning. My students have told me that this is one of the most useful tools for learning–they are able to see what they said or wrote during class (even if they didn’t realize they were doing it!) and see corrected versions with examples to study at home.

As you can see, your learning will extend far beyond the hours of our classes.

See what I’m talking about and request your first class for free below!

Why Your English Classes Didn't Help in the Past

Why your english classes didn't work %281%29

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